Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo, our luxurious eco-retreat located in the 1,400-acre private residential and resort community of Peninsula Papagayo, announced since mid-2019 the resort-wide elimination of plastic water bottles as a continuation of the property’s social responsibility program. With the intent of further fostering an eco-conscious destination, the program reduced plastic waste by 120,000 plastic bottles per year, equaling more than two tons of plastic.  Since beginning the sustainable transformation, Andaz Costa Rica Resort has already successfully completed numerous eco-friendly initiatives prioritizing water and energy conservation.


We have always been committed to sustainability and preserving our wild and beautiful Costa Rica home,” said General Manager Adam Zilber. “We are pleased to see the monumental impact that has resulted from the sustainable actions undertaken thus far, and we look forward to continuing our sustainable vision to enhance Andaz Costa Resort and inspire eco-conscious change around the world.


Elimination of Plastic Water Bottles

As an integral part of the social responsibility program, the resort has eliminated all plastic water bottles in each guestroom and banqueting operation and replaced them with reusable glass bottles. The resort has created a dedicated water-purifying room with state-of-the-art Aquatech equipment where water is passed through three different filters creating 100 percent purified water. Each guestroom is stocked with four sealed glass water bottles and replenished each day. Additional water bottles can be provided upon request.


Other Sustainable Initiatives

Among the sustainable improvements and enhancements that have been completed over the past two years include:

  • The Hotel gives guests a 350ml aluminum water bottle when participating in our recreational activities, encouraging guests to stop using plastic bottles throughout their stay and back home
  • The use of jute bags instead of plastic bags, reducing plastic waste by 300,000 kg of plastic bags per month
  • The elimination of all plastic straws
  • Replacement of plastic bags for guest laundry service, for mesh bags
  • Update of all AC units with inverter technology which saves energy and power up to 50 percent more than a normal AC
  • Change of plastic pens to pencils in rooms
  • Installation of aerators in-room showers
  • Migration of lighting to LED technology throughout the Hotel
  • Installation of pressure regulating valve on the main water pipe to reduce the incidence of leaks
  • Change of thermal insulation in chillers ice water pipes
  • A resort-wide tree-planting program that invites guests and staff to volunteer together and further enriches the peninsula


Share with us what measures are you taking to help the environment.


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