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The story behind Andaz Peninsula Papagayo

Nestled in a location that is second to none, Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort has arrived to personify Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” (pure life) expression, an extension of the native spirit of the country.

Papagayo’s charm has fascinated human kind dating back thousands of years. With calm and relaxing beaches that are a product of a unique geological formation on the Pacific coast, yet different from the rest of the country. These features first attracted Chorotegas over 12,000 years ago, the indigenous Guanacastecans who inhabited the area. The spirit of the sacred and traces of the ancient culture that remain alive to this day are an invitation to guests from all over.

Native Costa Rican architect Ronald Zürcher, known for creating a sense of place through his cultural and architectural sensibilities, imagined a gathering of animals and used the shapes of cocoons and shells for the resort’s facilities, to create an intriguing design meant to stimulate the senses of guests in new and refreshing ways. The inspiration came from the organic forms and shapes of the native flora and fauna on the peninsula, which created a relevant concept that seamlessly integrates Papagayo’s beautiful environment and its unique local heritage. By tapping into Mother Nature’s energy, the design reflects a very unique way to connect the resort with the overall “pura vida” vibe of the country. Distinguished interior design by DAS Concepts complements the overall feeling by creating unique environments around the property, with highlights such as the lamps in our guestrooms, inspired by the Oropendola ́s nests, one of the 812 different species recorded in Costa Rica. Carved artifacts, woven textures and solid woods that decorate our guestrooms and suites are designed and handmade by local artisans and groups of local women, making each piece unique and adding character to each space.

“Pura Vida”, a phrase widely used by the population that characterizes modern Costa Rican culture, means “Pure Life” and is an expression of optimism symbolizing the idea of simply enjoying life and being happy. True to the Andaz brand, Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort reflects Costa Rica’s Pura Vida philosophy, offering uncomplicated and personal service by real people who have a passion for their heritage and community. Our goal is to create locally-inspired experiences and engage guests in the local culture in a comfortable, unique atmosphere for which Andaz is known. 

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Car with Driver

Our host can arrange for a personal car and driver to take you to the airport, for a ride around town, for a night out in the area. 


Exploring Guanacaste by car? Call HOST for car rental arrangements. 


The climate is tropical, the average temperature is 83 ̊F year-round. The Guanacaste province has a distinct Gold Season from November to April that provides almost constant sun for outdoor activities. From May to October, the Green Season brings daily afternoon showers and converts the area to lush vibrant greenery. 


Costa Rica has been blessed with biological diversity, which in part is due to its geological and geographical variety. Costa Rica is a seismically-active country, so small-scale tremors are common and extremely harmless. For more information and travel advice, call HOST and we can always provide alternatives and traveling tips. 

Unique gastronomic experiences

Chao Pescao – Small Plates & Bar

A neighborhood bar enclave nestled within the lush Guanacaste landscape offering a small plates menu and the Mixologists’ specialties, Chao Pescao is the place to be! Enjoy the open terraces and lively atmosphere while sampling tasting menus paired with below zero beers, and homemade style plates slowly cooked in a wood burning oven. 

Rio Bhongo – Latin Marketplace

The center of our resort and meeting point for all, Rio Bhongo feels just like a farmer’s market. Enjoy a truly interactive restaurant experience while tasting flavours of Costa Rica personalized for you in live cooking stations. Placed like an island on the river, the restaurant is surrounded by multiple cascading infinity pools and serves Latin cuisine with classic cooking influences and techniques. For a fun and light hearted experience. 

Ostra – Seafood

Our signature restaurant focusing on the freshest seafood of Costa Rica, Ostra is an elegant, discreet and romantic venue that offers

delicacies from the sea, prepared with the most sophisticated culinary techniques.
Ostra features a unique private dining room for guests seeking privacy. 

Eat in – Room service

Your own space for relaxing in bed, watching a movie with the kids or just the two of you with a romantic dinner served on your private balcony, must be prized. Our Eat in service provides the level of privacy you seek with the level of dining you deserve. 

Andaz Salon –Hosted by experts, Attended by locals, All are welcome

Andaz launched its brand wide Andaz Salon series to foster cultural exploration and creativity from art exhibits to culinary emersions, performances by emerging musicians and a celebration of the written word. Each Andaz Salon is designed to reflect the local scene through the eyes of leading cultural arbitrators. To learn about what is happening now and also more on upcoming events in the hotel, please ask your host.

Make the Difference Program 

Be part of our efforts of conservation and social responsibility by just donating $5. With your collaboration, the Creciendo Juntos association will receive $2.5 that will help more than 4,000 kids to receive education, and $2.5 will be donated to the Área de Conservación Guanacaste that preserves more than 400,000 acres of flora and fauna.

  • Andaz and Creciendo JuntosAndaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, Costa Rica is very proud to partner with Creciendo Juntos (Growing Together), a nonprofit organization that has changed the lives of thousands of children and families in Guanacaste for more than 10 years. And now guests can join us, too.

  • Andaz and Área de Conservación Guanacaste: The Área de Conservacion Guanacaste (Guanacaste Conservation Area) contains 4 of the 5 major ecosystems in the tropics, and it is home to approximately 335,000 terrestrial species, equivalent to 2.6% of the world’s biodiversity and 65% of the country’s biodiversity. So it has been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Recently, ANDAZ joined efforts to help protect the remarkable conservation work of the ACG.

Tips for a Responsible Tourist 

We invite you to live and experience our culture and customs. Biodiversity of Costa Rica is also worth admiring, because in our small country is concentrated 5% of the biodiversity of the entire planet!

1. Flora and Fauna has a unique ecosystem, any removal of any of its elements, or alteration by humans can be very serious, although at first glance it does not seem. Therefore, please do not carry with you plants, shells, corals or other. Do not buy products made from endangered plants or animal products.

2. Never feed wild animals! Supply them with food creates dependency and alterations in metabolism, this affects their natural behavior and generates health problems.

3. Visit our National Parks and protected areas. We recommend hiring a certified local guide. They will provide an adequate check and interpretation of natural areas to visit, and help you find the unseen animals. Ask our Host for more information about activities.

4. Help us to conserve the environment. Join our policy to minimize the laundry of towels and sheets. Remember to turn off lights and air conditioning when you leave the room. Do not waste water when is not in use.

5. Respect human rights. Our purpose in Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort Costa Rica is caring for people to be the best version of themselves, help us accomplish it in our community, country and why not back home.

6. Remember that your trip can contribute to economic and social development of Costa Rica. We advise to buy local crafts and products. Avoid aggressive haggling when buying souvenirs. Ask about our Andaz Salon program and our Artisans Market.

7. At Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort Costa Rica we protect our children and teenagers, so in no way is allowed the sexual exploitation of children, which is a crime punishable by law. 

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