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Creciendo Juntos

Because helping others can be an inspiring experience, Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort invites guests to be part of our community. 

Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, Costa Rica is very proud to partner with Creciendo Juntos (Growing Together), a nonprofit organization that has changed the lives of thousands of children and families in Guanacaste for more than 10 years.  And now guests can join us, too.

Take a child to school

The communities in Guanacaste have limited public transportation because of their remote locations.  Since 2002, Creciendo Juntos has provided free transportation for an average of 50 students per year — efforts that helped Cándida Guevara become the El Triunfo community’s first-ever high school graduate.  Guests can “adopt” a child of their own and help local communities grow through education. 

Bring a backpack

If guests have extra room in their luggage, we invite them to pack some school supplies and make the difference in the life of a little one on their next visit to our resort.  We also offer a monetary contribution option, whereby the hotel will buy a backpack with all the supplies and make sure it goes to a deserving child.

Health comer first

Creciendo Juntos realises that children can’t go to school if they are not healthy.  That is why the association now manages a nearby clinic located in Comunidad, which allows an average of 400 kids per month to receive medical attention.  Become part of this programme with a contribution

Visit a family or a school

For guests seeking a life-changing experience — both for the guest and for a member in the Guanacaste community — visiting and sharing time with a family or a school can be an amazing experience.  Spend a day teaching at a school, or get to know a family.  Creciendo Juntos keeps a detailed record of the needs of schools and families in the area, so we can create a special programme based on their needs and on the time and support guests want to provide.

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