Waste Management

THE 5 R´s

It is a simple system that anyone can apply and which has a huge impact on the health of the planet and our pockets. The 5R`s have a hierarchy that any responsible consumer can apply.


When you purchase a product or service, ask yourself first if you really need it before buying it.(“Should I really buy this paper or this information is available on the computer?” Or “‘Should I buy a soda bottled in plastic or glass?”).


Consider whether the purchased product is more friendly and respectful of the environment (“I’ll print on recycled paper and thus contribute to cutting down fewer trees.”).


Instead of throwing the product away or immediately put it into the recycling bin, find new uses to it and extend its use (“I will use the box of this TV to build a house for my daughter´s teddy bears ” or “I will wash the butter container and use it to store food. “).


Once the product has been used as many times as possible, separate it along with the rest of waste of its kind to be recycled (“This box no longer serves me and the paper sheet has been used in both sides. I will put them in the cardboard can and the paper can respectively available at my office, to recycle the material and serve to make new boxes, foil, packaging, etc. “.). This way, the waste is used as feedstock to produce new items.


In the technological age we live in, we are likely to dispose easily any device that is not working anymore. Look for a solution, even if you purchased a new one, donate it to a good cause. (“This computer already has seven years, but instead of throwing it away I will repair it and donate it to a children’s home”).

Once we enter the cycle of “Rs” it is easier to continue. The process is natural and polluting activities that once seemed normal (as discarded plastic bags or empty toilet paper rolls) seem strange. Don´t be lazy!  Learn what to do with each common waste of your home. Much of the waste is useful and can be reused and recycled.


Before buying or consuming a product, ask yourself this series of questions:

Do I need what I am buying?

Could I consume less or other product less polluting?

Do I sort my waste?

Am I recycling?

Do I dispose in places where it is properly processed?

Do I buy products whose packaging can be reused?

Do I prefer the products of companies that take care of the environment?

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