Cobb-tarricense salad

Romaine lettuce, red onion, palmito cheese, colorful cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg & avocado vinaigrette

Potato & granny smith salad

Celery, red onion, parsley, toasted nuts, citrus mayonnaise & mustard with seeds

Mushroom tiradito

Grilled Portobello, arugula aioli, roasted corn, harissa sauce, olive oil

Main course

Confit turkey breast

Dried fruits stuffed turkey leg

Thyme & cranberry sauce

Lizano sauce & coriander gravy

Stuffing with local vegetables, rustic cornbread

Yucca purée, spring onion & toasted sunflower seeds

Roasted vegetables with herbs


Wild berries & apple tart with vanilla ice cream

Pumpkin tart, whipped cream

Sugar cane & pecan tart, caramel sauce

For guests enjoying the All-Inclusive Meal Package, there is a supplement for this event of $25.00 for adults age 12+ or $12.50 for children 5-11.

All prices in US-Dollars, excluding 13% VAT & 10% service. No beverages included

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