Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo, is a hotel that develops in harmony with nature and social responsibility.  We are committed to:

    • Manage significant environmental aspects of our services and activities in pursuit of continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
    • Reduce consumption of natural resources such as water and energy, and the proper handling of waste and emissions.
    • Protecting the environment in the communities near the hotel.
    • Comply with national environmental legislation applicable to the hotel.
    • Influence the guests in a positive way. Make them aware of their contribution to the environmental management of the Hotel and the added value of visiting a socially responsible company.
    • We use environmentally friendly products in areas such as cooking, cleaning, Spa and maintenance of green areas, which do not cause a significant environmental impact.
    • We offer enviroment-friendly Cosmetics to guests and staff that are free of heavy metals in its composition.
    • We use cosmetics and cleaning products packaged with recycled, reused or easily degradable materials.
    • In public restrooms, dispensers have been provided in order to reduce waste.
    • Inform and denounce the use and promotion of sexual commerce activities, exploitation, harassment or sexual abuse or drug sales to employees and guests.
    • The Hotel is member of the Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism in order to provide an improved image of the industries of tourism and hospitality.
    • Establishment of a procedure prohibiting disclosure and reporting of sexual commerce activities, prostitution, exploitation of children as well as sexual harassment and commercialization of drug or other illegal substance.
    • We promote respect for human rights and equal opportunities to the general public.
    • Provide operational space for people who have disabilities promoting equal opportunities in the company.
    • Hire local people or neighbors of the communities that are nearby the resort to cover at least 60% of the overall human resources recruitment.
    • Implement policies and actions that prohibit child labor by raising awareness among employees and guests of the implications of this situation in our country in compliance with the 8590 law.
  • Promote certified products and services and promote the CST certificate to companies with a commercial relationship with the hotel.
  • Support actions that promote sustainable development in the tourist destination.
  • Report any cases of environmental contamination.
  • Promote the protection, rescue and no extraction of archeological pieces


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