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Carlota Brenes

Carlota Brenes

Wellness Specialist

Since she was little, Carlota has always liked to keep in constant movement, starting at an early age in rhythmic gymnastics, where her connection with music and its vibration led her to fall in love with this discipline until teenage years.

Her curiosity about the functioning of the human body and how it helped others motivated her to study respiratory therapy. During this time, she connected with yoga, as well as other holistic therapies, creating in her, awareness and the value of taking care of her mind, body and energy. With the intention of transmitting the benefits of the different therapies, she conducts her training in Costa Rica, India and Thailand.


Her greatest connection is with nature, especially with the water element, since she identifies with the fluids and adaptation in life. She is an entrepreneur, a dreamer and a lover of good vibes.

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