Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo is very proud to partner with Creciendo Juntos (Growing Together), a nonprofit organization that has changed the lives of thousands of children and families in Guanacaste for 22 years.

Supporting the objectives of Growing Together, this alliance seeks to promote the comprehensive development of children and young people from 19 neighboring communities, including 21 schools, technical education, a preventive medicine and psychology clinic, and hundreds of families living in conditions of extreme poverty.

Since its opening, Andaz has promoted various programs that have contributed to the well-being of these communities. 

“Good education breaks any barrier and erradicates the misery of the peoples”


Director, Creciendo Juntos



In 2013 Creciendo Juntos NGO invited us to join its projects, so that guests could be part of an experience that generate added value to their stay. With ten years working together, Andaz has been an enthusiastic partner, with different guest groups and families volunteering and donating to Creciendo Juntos programs. You can paint a school, help with gardening, teach English, do art & craft, play sports and games, share knowledge in specific area, or make donations for: technology, educational programs, school supplies, sport supplies or any others.  Also, you can adopt a family and share some time with them (have them to do some shopping groceries, clothes-school supplies, etc.) or support with your work the producers of El Triunfo community Home Gardens.


This initiative seeks to bring the best to the less fortunate, supporting their educational process. This is a leading social investment initiative in Costa Rica, which was recognized by UNESCO.

The objective is to bring low cost, quality text books of basic subjects to kids in need. In 2010 we started this campaign and in 2011 it was the first time that the students of our neighboring schools had books for the first time in history. For 2024, 16 schools and 1865 kids will be benefited, you can adopt a school or contribute with a specific amount. 

The cost of the books is $20 per kid. Or sponsor a school, more information here


Some of the families living in the communities surrounding Peninsula struggle to send kids to school due to the cost of school supplies. 

You can contribute to the education of our young ones with a backpack. If you want to bring one from home, please include: backpack, 6 notebooks, pouch bag, pencils, color pencils, eraser,  pencil sharpener, ruler, glue, rounded point scissors, white paper and color paper.

You can also make a donation and we buy the backpack for you.


Creciendo Juntos, taught ten families El Triunfo a nearby town how to till the land and create gardens in their own backyards, as a solution to face the adversity that came with the pandemic and it became a new business and way of life for these families.

During this experience, you will be able to visit up to 3 families, who will open their doors warmly and with our signature tico smile. With your own hands, you will harvest some of the vegetables that our chef will use to prepare a magical dinner for you and your family. The menu will be totally personalized based on your preferences and the fresh produce harvested in the morning.

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