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Hiking Rincon National Park

It is an easy 1.5hr hike into the park where you can see
volcanic activity up close. On the Las Pailas path, get
the best views of boiling mud pots, sulfur springs, steam vents and fumaroles. Discover the great diversity and abundance of plants and wildlife in this tropical forest. This National Park was created to protect the biodiversity around Rincón de la Vieja Volcano area. It extends over 14083 hectares of semi-deciduous tropical moist forest and includes a barren rocky terrain at altitudes that range from 1950 feet to 5748 feet above the sea level. The tour not only provides the opportunity to appreciate Rincón de la Vieja geothermal wonders it also allows a close view of an ancient forest of over hundreds of years old.
Huge trees protect spider monkeys, leaf-cutter ants, toucans and all kind of great and small creatures.

Waterfall Lovers

We will visit 3 different waterfalls with each is larger and more beautiful. First we will visit Oropendola waterfall it is an impressive 82 feet (25 meters) to a sparkling turquoise pool, then Rio Negro waterfall and finally we will ride a horse for 30 min to Chorrera waterfall, beautifulsky blue mineral water pool, perfect for a cooling swim.


Venado Caves

After visiting the lovely Eco Center Danaus and enjoying all different kinds of birds, mammals and butterflies we will go to the caves. Believed to be between 15 and 20 million years old, the caves were formed by underground streams which still run through them. During your guided tour of the caverns you may see bats, monochrome frogs, fish and marine fossils, many of which are endemic to the area. 

*Image courtesy of cavernasdelvenadocr.com

Sensoria Land of Senses & Magical Rainforest

Sensoria is a private natural reserve where the dry, brown rolling plains meet the tall, lush green forest providing an extraordinary hiking experience. You will suddenly be immersed in an enchanted paradise of gushing waterfalls, warm thermal springs, sky blue streams, and brightbeautiful orchids. Be sure to listen for the call of howler monkeys and the symphony of tropical birdsong with cicadas whirring into a temple. As the road ends, complete freedom begins. Appreciate the remoteness of a haven where the rainforest reigns and hosts gorgeous waterfalls. Hike through a land that besieges senses with its mysticism and a wealth of plants and wildlife.
Walk in tranquillity along the trails that comprise 1300 steps that lead to an amazing waterfall of light blue waters. To replenish energies, delight with a tasty all natural lunch and coffee in a beautiful dark wood natural pavillion.

Miravalles Volcano Waterfalls & Natural Spa

The adventure starts at Las Hornillas a place located at the foot of the Miravalles volcano and close to many geysers. Here we will be towed in a tractor to a nearby forest, then we will hike for about 40 minutes through a biologically diverse forest visiting scenic waterfalls.Following the hike you’ll be treated to a soak in local hot springs let your muscles relax then get covered with volcanic mud in a live crater!!!

Celeste River Hike at Tenorio National Park

This is a unique experience of natural beauty was named by the legendary Indian Chief who governed this beautiful remote region of incomparable scenic beauty. The Tenorio Volcano National Park hides and protects this natural treasure, one of the Maleku Indian’s best kept secrets. The Río Celeste is far from your ordinary aqueous landscape. The nearly opaque waters of the Celeste river are a surreal shade of bright aquamarine blue. This startling color is created by sun light and a chemical reaction caused by the fusion of calcium carbonate and sulfur releasedfrom the Tenorio Volcano. This natural wonder is largely undiscovered by tourism and is an experience worth boasting about.

Horizontes Night Walk

The Horizontes Night Walk is a mystical walk for those who want to observe the dry forest and its nocturnal creatures. It is the perfect time and place to observe the different species such as armadillos, porcupines, a variety of insects, birds, and various reptiles that come out to forage in the evening. 

Image courtesy of Estación Experimental Forestal Horizontes

Flora and Fauna Adventures

Monteverde Canyoning & Treetop Climbing

Enjoy the unique Canyoning in Monteverde and best one Costa Rica. Where you will rappel down 6 different waterfalls which the tallest one is 40 meters tallest (114 feet) and we have Tree Top Climbing is a tour in which you can climb up high hollow Ficus tree. You can climb it by three different ways and descend in two different has a height of 39.5 meters (131 feet).

Image courtesy of Sky Adventures

Monteverde Treetop Walk

Take an exhilarating walk through the famous Cloud Forest on Hanging Bridges. Our treetop walkways give you a fantastic aerial view of the forest, wildlife and the ecosystem below you. This area is home to the world’s most complex ecosystems. An awesome natural experience in the tropics & chance to see a variety of flora. If you like adventure ask for the Zip Line, just the Best !!!. 

Image courtesy of Sky Adventures

Monteverde Hanging Bridges and Coffee Tour

Monteverde is considered it as the most well-known cloud forest in the world and important conservation place. The Selvatura park is a well-thought-out combination of 8 suspension bridges with different lengths and walking trails through the Monteverde Cloudforest.The coffee touroffers an exciting opportunity to participate in a highly entertaining and interactive tour.You will get the chance to partake in some of the very traditional processes we use here on our coffee plantations, that make it possible for us to produce such a rich tasting Costa Rican coffee.

Arenal Rainforest & Hot Springs

One of the most amazing places to visit while traveling in Costa Rica. It is Blessed!!!. Surrounded by the most incredible Natural Beauty, including the imposing Arenal Volcano and the biggest man-made Lake in Central America. This is an amazing experience that allow you to learn and enjoy the flora and fauna of Costa Rica‘s World famous Rainforest. Get in the splendor of the primary rainforest and the imposing vistas of the Arenal Volcano, as you leisurely stroll the suspended passages. Later we will arrive at Ecotermales to enjoy a buffet lunch. All vegetables you eat are harvested from their own farm inside the property. Surrounded by an exhuberant rainforest, the thermal springs are the best way to indulge and create memories, you will cherish for years to come. 

Image courtesy of @pnvolcanarenal


Sky Adventure Arenal

An adventure package for a full day of experiences with amazing views that you will not forget. You will be able to soar through the mountains at incredible speed, e mountains at incredible speed, e mountains at incredible speed, e mountains at incredible speed, heights and lengths on our unmatched zip lines; explore the tropical rain forest from a bird’s eye view aerial tram; and get to discover deeply the secrets of nature in our hanging bridges.

Image courtesy of Sky Adventures

Sloth Adventure

We will visit Llanos del Cortes waterfall. At the foot is a small beach of white sand where you can enjoy the falls from dry-land or swing within the falls themselves. Next, we will drive to a sanctuary for a short, easy hike where you can observe sloth physiology and behavior in their natural habitat –Free and wild! we will also visit abutterfly garden and laboratory where butterflies and frogs can be reproduce and released back into the wild. This hike is an excellent way to see sloths, butterflies and other exotic animals like toucans in their natural environments.

Waterfall & Las Pumas Wildlife Rescue Center

We will Llanos del Cortes waterfalls at the foot of it a well with a small beach of white sand is formed.
You can observe that falls from dry-land or have the option of swimming in them, so whatever you enjoy to be ready to have fun. After that we will visit Las Pumas rescue center where you have chance to see Pumas, Jaguars, Ocelot, Spider & White Face Monkeys , Toucans and Macaws.

Image courtesy of @CentrodeRescateySantuarioLasPumas

Bird Watching

In order to see as much bird activity as possible, visitors leave for this tour early in the morning. This part of Central America is an important stop on many species of birds’ migratory route. Some birds you’re likely to see include antbirds, wrens, tanagers, Toucans, motmots, and woodcreepers. Your guide can help you spot these hard-to-spot creatures by listening for their distinctive songs.

Adrenaline Day

Borinquen Adventure Expedition

Experience an adventure filled day at Borinquen Mountain Resort. Enjoy the captivating
scenery on horseback and get close to a beautiful waterfall hidden in the forest. Feel the
adrenaline as you fly through the treetops on a zip-line canopy tour. Relax and unwind in the natural steam room, volcanic mud bath, and hot spring pools.

Image cortesy of @HotelBorinquenResort

Rio Perdido Adventure

While Costa Rica has dozens of zip-lines, Río Perdido’s inspired team has truly innovated their “Canyon Adventure” experience which features a sequence of ultra-modern carbon fiber zip lines that descend from suspended platforms (attached to solid rock cliff walls). Alsoon the adventure menu are; the “challenge” bridge that crosses the canyon, the human pendulum cable, the multiple “via ferratas”, and the awesome “Tarzan swing”. Perhaps the most unique experience is simply hiking within the Río Perdido (“Lost River”) canyon and bathing in its crystal-clear thermal waters.

Image courtesy of Rio Perdido


Canyon Adventure Park

Rafting and canopy tours in Costa Rica are for people that like to challenge themselves. We start with a canopy tour built into the canyon with beautiful views including a nice rappel and a challenger Rock Climbing. Once we finish there, we will take you to get ready to go to the rafting tour. This experience provides a different way to enjoy the natural beauty of Rincón de la Vieja National Park. This tour is designed for people who love challenging themselves: zip lines over the canyon of the Colorado River, rappelling, climbing a rock wall, adventure rafting through 8 km of Class II and Class III rapids at the Colorado River, and horseback riding.

Hacienda Guachipelin Extreme

Get an incredible adrenaline rush on our exclusive Canyon Canopy Tour. Fly through the trees on Zip Lines, Rappel, Rock Climb, Swing Like Tarzan and Cross Hanging Bridges over a narrow river canyon. Your expedition will continue while riding horses for 25 min to the white white-water river tubing adventure lasting close to an hour. After relaxing at the spa as you wrap yourself with volcanic mud purifying your body in the thermal waters.

Vandara Pura Vida

This wonderful adventure is action packed so you can get the most out of your visit. Explore the beauty of Mother Nature, feaston tropical delicacies, learn about local culture and let go of your daily routine. This is a perfect choice for anyone looking to maximize their day!

Image courtesy of @vandaracr

Buena Vista Adventure

Buena Vista Lodge is located on the slopes of Rincón de la Vieja Volcano. This wonderful 1600-hectare property offers an array of natural attractions: the Canopy Tour, Horseback Riding, a 400-meter water slide and the open-air hot springs in the forest, where you can enjoy pleasurable and rejuvenating treatments with volcanic mud and sulfurous waters in an oasis of peace. Combine relaxation and adventure at Buena Vista. Fly through the forest on 8 different zip-lines plus the exciting TARZAN SWING. Enjoy a thrilling 400-meter long water slide followed by a horseback ride to a beautiful waterfall. Treat yourself to a volcanic mud treatment and a relaxing dip in the thermal hot springs.

Image courtesy of Buena Vista del Rincon

Cultural Experiences

Palo Verde and Cultural Experience El Viejo

Here is your chance to explore the vast diversity and abundance of Costa Rican wildlife in this important Natural Conservation Park. On this adventure, your guide will take you on a leisurely, covered boat ride down the Tempisque River while enjoying all of the natural wonders Costa Ricahas to offer. You will visit a typical farmhouse and learn how to make and then taste some favorites traditional Guanacaste foods. Even try your hand at making a tortilla under the guidance of the local cook. The trapiche (mill) where the sugar cane is pressed with the help of an ox turning the mill press and extracting thejuice from the cane. Then enjoy some taste testing of different sugar products.


Chocolate Tour

This Chocolate Tour brings out the best of the cacao bean for you to enjoy in harmony with the surrounding rainforest. As the only farm in Costa Rica owned by a Costa Rican family that produce their own organic cacao, only La Anita provides the authentic opportunity to discover the magic behind the sweet flavor of chocolate. This tour will take you straight to the cacao pods of Upala, the region where La Anita is located, and guide you through the process to the ending product –fine morsels of dark chocolate for you to savor. Known as the Cacao Canton of Costa Rica, Upala also offers a rare, unique climate that allows several varieties of cacao to grow in the midst of rainforest and volcanoes.


Image courtesy of @lanitarainforestranch


Tio Leo Coffee Tour

The coffee tour experience teaches you the history of this golden bean in Costa Rica. In addition to this, the selection technique of the berry is what makes a great difference with the final product. Tío Leo also includes a lecture about chocolate crops and the way to process it to get a pure taste. The sugar cane is another crop and product Tío Leo mentions in his presentation. About eight products come out of this crop. Our ancestors worked the wet mill in order to get the cane juice. More to learn about this with our host.

Image courtesy of @cafetioleo

Water Rafting & Tubing

White Water Rafting Tenorio Class III-IV

Experience lush vegetation, scenic views, and pristine isolation as you maneuver your way through the rapids of the Tenorio River (level III and IV rapids ) The Tenorio River will test your courage with its rapids Class III and IV. For those already connoisseur rafters and adventurers, this trip is a must; its continued challenges await you as you plunge through twists, turn and drop down 11 Km of intense challenging rapids. A pure adrenaline trip with unsurpassed beauty and stunning wildlife scenery that will take your breath away.

Colorado River Rafting Class II-III

Discover the lush vegetation, view the unique wildlife and enjoy the pristine isolation as you maneuver approximately 1 hr down the gentle rapids of the Colorado River (level II & III). This trip is highly recommended for families and
kids with a sense of adventure who want to explore down the river in a safe environment.



Palo Verde National Park River Boat Tour

Palo Verde National Park encompasses one of the most important wetlands of Central America. You’ll have the opportunity to explore its varied habitats on this half-dayriver boat excursion, a must for Nature and Bird Lovers!!! Take a leisurely riverboat ride along the Tempisque River in Costa Rica,
Look for many different species of the wildlife including iguanas, monkeys, a huge variety of birds and even crocodiles!!!

Floating at Corobici River

One of the best ways to experience the special ecosystem of the dry tropical forest is to do a relaxing float trip along the river. You’ll pass through some rolling, class-1 and class-2 rapids and see gigantic kapoks and fig trees, as well as many species of animals. Your eagle-eyed guide willpaddle and steer your raft as he points out the wide array of species. Your floating tour will be followed by a spread of tropical fruit snacks. Children love this tour!.


Canopy Around

Congo Trail

This amazing experience consists of an 11 Station Zip Line and three hanging bridges in the tropical forest. Be ready to fly over the treetops while keeping on the lookout for families of monkeys foraging in the canopy for mangoes, bananas and other types of food. This is a truly exciting experience.

Half Day Adventure Congo Trail

This is a half day of full adventure , this amazing experience consists of 6 Station of Zip Line and three hanging bridges in the dry forest. Explore the area in an ATV for 45 minutes by driving along unpaved roads through the forest and finally ride a horse for 45 minutes passing through natural trails.

Adventure at Papagayo Peninsula

Let’s take an easy half a day tour close to your hotel that includes a lovely Zip Line Tour with 11 cables, joined between the trees in the forest and Tempisque river beautifully combined with awesome floating tour.

Boat tours

All-In boat rides

Follow your own rhythm. Have fun and relax with all the activities you can do on and off board, from sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling to paddle board and jet skiing. You will be provided all the equipment to ensure a day that will surely be one of the highlights of your trip. The sea, the boat, the toys and the time are yours.


Reach your goal of learning or improving your surfing skills in the best spots and waves of the sea with skilled surf guide-coaches. Enjoy the best surfing experience especially created to suit each level of expertise.

Half day / full day

Choose your own adventure, manage your own times and enjoy your own boat. Explore through all of the activities you can do on the boat and on the land. From snorkeling and jet skiing to bonfires, private dinning areas and cocktails.

marine experiences

Enjoy the fabulous experiences the waters of Costa Rica have to offer, from snorkeling, stand-up paddling, waterskiing and scuba diving to marine education and underwater microphones to listen to whales and dolphins. Make it your way, rent one of the beautiful and well equipped boats and ride to your own rhythm.



Explore the world hidden under the sea. Discover with your own eyes the majestic creatures the waters of the pacific ocean have. Swim with the beautiful aquatic fauna, from a diverse species of fishes to wild stingrays, dolphins and even whales.

sport fishing

An interesting adventure awaits to be discovered. Fish with an experienced and addicted to fishing crew that will take you to the best spots to encounter a diverse species of fishes. Run deep into the ocean for an interesting fishing day. Fishers in search of the majestic marlin are in for a tough fight and a great catch.


Other Outside Tours

Horseback Riding

Experience the splendid nature of Guanacaste on horseback. Ride through the dry-forest of a real working cattle farm and enjoy the breathtaking views of the diverse fauna and magnificent trees that are scattered throughout the landscape of Guanacaste.

ATV Tour 2 Hours

This ATV tour lets you explore the area in an adventurous way by driving along unpaved roads through the mountains. An excellent tour for anyone looking for some off-the-beaten-track adventure and interested in discovering the area’s natural beauty.

Papagayo Beach Tour

Experience a half-day where you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea. Four beautiful and popular beaches of Papagayo peninsula: Panama, Hermosa, Coco and Ocotal they offer tourists stunning ocean views and laid back beaches. Coco Beach is the largest town and the best place to go shopping there are lot of markets, shops, casinos and restaurants.

Beach Lovers

A day of sun, sea and sand! Visit the best beaches in Guanacaste for lots of sun bathing and swimming while enjoying spectacular views. Check out Conchal, Flamingo, bohemian Tamarindo beach and others. Free time to shop in Tamarindo.


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