Our Sustainability Policy

Andaz Península Papagayo Resort Costa Rica, is a hotel that develops in harmony with nature and social responsibility. We are committed to:


  1. Manage significant environmental aspects of our services and activities in pursuit of continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  2. Reduce consumption of natural resources such as water and energy, and the proper handling of waste and emissions.
  3. Protecting the environment in the communities near the hotel.
  4. Comply with national environmental legislation applicable to the hotel.
  5. Influence the guests in a positive way. Make them aware of their contribution to the environmental management of the Hotel and the added value of visiting a socially responsible company.
  6. We use environmentally friendly products in areas such as cooking, cleaning, Spa and maintenance of green areas, which do not cause a significant environmental impact.
  7. We offer enviroment-friendly Cosmetics to guests and staff that are free of heavy metals in its composition.
  8. We use cosmetics and cleaning products packaged with recycled, reused or easily degradable materials.
  9. In public restrooms, dispensers have been provided in order to reduce waste.
  10. Inform and denounce the use and promotion of sexual commerce activities, exploitation, harassment or sexual abuse or drug sales to employees and guests.
  11. The Hotel is member of the Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism in order to provide an improved image of the industries of tourism and hospitality.
  12. Establishment of a procedure prohibiting disclosure and reporting of sexual commerce activities, prostitution, exploitation of children as well as sexual harassmentand commercialization of drug or other illegal substance.
  13. We promote respect for human rights and equal opportunities to the general public.
  14. Provide operational space for people who have disabilities promoting equal opportunities in the company.
  15. Hire local people or neighbors of the communities that are nearby the resort to cover at least 60% of the overall human resources recruitment.
  16. Implement policies and actions that prohibit child labor by raising awareness among employees and guests of the implications of this situation in our country in compliance with the 8590 law.
  17. Promote certified products and services and promote the CST certificate to companies with a commercial relationship with the hotel.
  18. Support actions that promote the sustainable development in the tourist destination.
  19. Report any cases of environmental contamination.
  20. Promote the protection, rescue and no extraction of archeological piece


General Manager.

  1. Provide the necessary resources for the execution and maintenance of the environmental management.
  2. Provide guidelines for the development and promotion of environmental management.

Directors and Managers.

  1. Propose to the environmental teams the inclusion of new practices and actions to their activities when needed.
  2. Keep control over the activities that are part of the environmental management.
  3. Apply and promote the Sustainability Policy on their work teams.

Office of Occupational Health and Environment, and environmental management committee.

  1. Spread the Sustainability Policy to managers, directors, employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders.
  2. Monitor and maintain control over the activities that are part of the Sustainability Policy.

The associates.

  1. Participate in activities according to the environmental criteria of the company.
  2. Execute best practices and contribute to the good environmental performance of the company.

These commitments are some of the many ways we can help maintain a balanced development where our associates are proud to work, our customers want to visit, our neighbors want to live and our owners want to invest.

SUSTAINABLE TOURISM CST: Certification for Tourism Sustainability in Costa Rica

The Certificate for Tourism Sustainability – CST – is a program of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), designed to categorize and differentiate tourism businesses according to the degree to which their operation approaches a sustainability model, in terms of management of the natural, cultural and social resources .

This award is granted by the National Accreditation Commission based in Costa Rica.

Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo, believes in responsible tourism has gained more followers thanks to our investments in the local environment. Today we contribute goods to the communities, we collaborate in economic development, we support environmental improvements, we enter fully into the local culture and traditions.

For details such as those we comment on, we at Andaz Peninsula Papagayo constantly implement environmental improvements to change towards a more favorable direction, always seek harmony with the environment and society, we attract tourists who enjoy the concept with communities and the environment, but opt for the comfort of a hotel.

Responsible hotels are now the new challenge for the tourism company. Our challenge as a hotel is to apply measures to create spaces in harmony with the environment and at the same time to promote the integral impulse of the regions where we live.


The carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gases emitted directly or indirectly by an individual, organization, event or activity. To carry out the sum of emissions, the gases are converted to a unit known as Carbon Equivalent.

 At a company level it is measured by performing an inventory of greenhouse gases (GHG), following recognized international standards such as ISO 14064-1, PAS 2050 or GHG Protocol among others. The carbon footprint is measured in equivalent mass of CO2.

 Whether a company to an individual, measuring the carbon footprint allows you to have a global view of their level of participation in global warming. Once you know the size and footprint, the most important thing is to implement a strategy to reduce GHG emissions, and if the organization can not be compensated reduce its footprint by different programs or public or private projects.

 Fonafifo invites you to calculate your carbon footprint. Our application uses national emission factors. Once you have calculated the amount of tonnes emitted, you can contact lgonzalez@fonafifo.go.cragarcia@fonafifo.go.cr and request a quote for the carbon credits you want to purchase.

 The current cost of credit to the domestic market is US $ 7.5. Once you make the payment and sends a copy of the receipt to the Directorate of Development and Marketing of Environmental Services, the process of making a Certificate of Purchase GHG Mitigation service starts. The certificate number is specific to the customer purchasing the carbon credits.

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