Inspired by the ancient healing traditions of the Chorotegas, ONDA spa seeks to be a sanctuary not only for relaxation, but also for well-being. Gently folded into the tropical forest and overseeing the calm waters of Culebra Bay, ONDA invites you you to align your body and mind.


ONDA Spa & Wellness offers an extensive menu of wellness activities and spa treatments. Invest in your well-being and treat yourself to the rejuvenation your mind and body need to thrive. The 11,000 square foot ONDA Spa & Wellness house nine lavish treatment suites. Let the sound of birdsongs and ocean waves soothe you in one of our three outdoor treatment suites.  The couples treatment suite offers side-by-side treatments along with a luxurious soaking tub and private relaxation area.



In partnership with Blue Zones, experience a retreat that brings you the Blue Zones’ centenarians’ longevity secrets via immersive, life-enhancing experiences.

Through workshops and activities run by a trained Blue Zones facilitator, you will learn about the Power 9® principles. You will immerse yourself in the natural settings that surround the resort, enjoy well-being activities, and more!

RETREAT: JUNE 24-30, 2024


Indigenous ingredients and ancient practices used within ONDA’s transformative treatments stimulate detoxification, heal the body and purify the mind.

Purple corn, dehydrated beans and rice, exotic fruit balms and other natural remedies, will awaken your senses.

Chorotegan healing traditions and connection with nature will make you feel grounded in yourself.



In this guided session, you will learn different meditation and breathing techniques, where you will connect with your essence and your emotions.


Discover the power excitement and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space with this proven step-by-step aerial and suspension fitness technique. Created by Christopher Harrison, Antigravity Fitness uses the original hammock apparatus to support your body while decompressing the spine, joints and mind. Open to all student levels.


This ancient Japanese technique allows your body to relax, eliminate stress and heal through the energy of your own body. A comprehensive treatment that benefits your body, emotions, mind and spirit achieving high life force energy.


Float away on a healing cloud of sound lovingly created to nurture your being, while suspended in an Antigravity hammock.


This ancient discipline benefits your body, mind and spirit. Choose from: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Partner Yoga, Restorative Yoga.


Find your balance through music with this healing technique. Used by many cultures, sound healing stabilizes your brainwave frequency down-shifting from a waking consciousness to a relaxed consciousness or even to a meditative state, allowing your body to heal.


Outdoor Workout Deck

Our functional workout deck offers TRX, kettlebells and an assortment of equipment for an invigorating workout to help you achieve your strength and stability goals.


Our fully-equipped, air-conditioned gym offers state-of-the-art cardio machines, weight machines and additional exercise equipment to keep your regular fitness routine on track.

Fitness Classes

Don’t miss any of our fitness classes offered daily. From forest walks to stand up paddling, enjoy a wide variety of options.

Peninsula Papagayo Trails

Peninsula Papagayo is a pristine natural playground.  Tour the resort, enjoy the views, look for the abundant wildlife and achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness Stations with a View

Infuse spectacular scenery into your fitness routine at one of three MoveStrong function fitness stations throughout Peninsula Papagayo.

The closest station overlooks Culebra Bay outside the Andaz main entrance. For an even more powerful workout, take advantage of complimentary electric-assist bike use and visit each station for a full body and cardio workout.

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